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Making Room for More

Expanding our space.

Following on from Vision 2017, our focus for the coming year is 'Making Room for More'. In a series of talks John explored how we're going to make room for more adults, youth and kids, and outlined plans to expand our space. Work has now begun, please excuse the mess over the next few months as there will be various changes to our site with lots of exciting activity and developments. 

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Vision Film: John and Debby explore plans to expand our space

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Where are we at...

We are delighted to announce that to date (9 July 2017) £1,819M has been given or pledged towards the expansion of our space (76% of our £2.4M goal).

The Ark (soon to be the Kids' Centre) has been emptied and taken completely down. We are now in the process of putting the original steels back up as we have reused/recycled them to form the frame of the new building.

The wall in the Youth Centre has been completed and now gives great separation between the sports hall and main auditorium. Our Young Adults recently held a worship evening (see photo) and the presence of the new wall made the space feel smaller, and more intimate whilst also benefiting the sound quality of the room. 

Works has begun in our Main Auditorium in G5 and the wall will be coming down very soon, as a result refreshments have moved to the Cafe Trent end of the auditorium.

Making Room for More: Part 1

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Making Room for More: Part 2

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Making Room for More: Part 3

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Making Room for More: Part 4

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Councillor David Mellen on how money set apart will help Nottingham families and children.

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Money set apart to Love the One will help some of India's poorest children.

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Vision 2017: Trent Kids and Trent Youth Film

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