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Talk resources: The One

"Give praise to the Lord, proclaim His name." - Psalm 105

Week in, week out, hundreds of Christians gather to worship Jesus and He loves that, but the thing that stirs a celebration in heaven, the thing His heart longs for more than any other is the moment when someone walks into the Kingdom of God.

On Sunday, 22 January, we took a look at the parable of the lost sheep in the book of Luke chapter 15, where Jesus tells the story of the shepherd who goes after the one lost sheep...

God uses this illustration to encourage each of us to share the good news of His gospel.

To help us explore some points in the talk a bit further, we’ve put together two sessions including a short clip from the talk and some discussion questions you may want to use in your small group or family over the coming weeks ahead of  invitation Sunday.

You can listen to the whole talk on our talks page.

The Invitation.

The Invitation Play Video Icon

Session 1:

Watch the video clip below for session 1 and then look at the discussion questions.

Session 2:

Watch the video clip below for session 2 and then look at the discussion questions.