About Trent

Our Story

Trent Vineyard began in the summer of 1996 when John & Debby Wright moved to start a new church in Nottingham.

Vision 2015

God has called us to build a growing, regional, biblically based church in Nottingham, which will, in a creative and contemporary…

Sunday Services

If you are thinking about coming along on a Sunday, we hope that this information will help to give you a feel of what to expect when you get here.


How to Find Us

Trent Vineyard meets in a blue Warehouse on an industrial estate in Lenton - a suburb south-west of Nottingham city centre.



Music moves people, music helps people to connect with their feelings and emotions. Here at Trent Vineyard, however, we want our worship to be more than music.  


As well as the weekly prayer meetings outlined below, regular prayer/worship events also occur and ministries within the church regularly host their own prayer meetings.


The Race

From the moment Trent Vineyard began with a small group of envisioned people led by John & Debby Wright, we have been on a journey of faith with God.