Changing Lives - 01

Changing Lives

God transforms lives...

Over the years we've had the privilege of witnessing first hand the changes that happen in people when they start a journey with Jesus and pursue a life lived for Him.

The changing lives book and films feature a few of the many stories of lives transformed by Jesus here at Trent Vineyard. These are stories of hearts that have been restored, relationships that have been reconciled, and chains of addiction that have been broken. God really does change lives.

We hope that these personal stories will move you as much as they have moved us and that you'll be inspired to find out more.

John & Debby Wright
Senior Pastors, Trent Vineyard

Joanne's Story

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Jonny's Story

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James' Story

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Andrew's Story

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Henry's Story

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Changing Lives

This new book features 17 stories of people who have had their lives changed by Jesus and is available from the Connect area.