24/8 Prayer

Prayer points

Each day we have dedicated to pray specifically for a different area, here are some prayer points to guide you as you pray. Please send any pictures and words through to [email protected]

Friday 08 / Small Groups & Pastoral Care

- Pray for our small group leaders, that they would be strengthened and renewed in their relationship with Jesus in this season

- That our small group leaders would have such wisdom and compassion as they lead and care for us

- For all of our small groups, for greater community, that they would encounter Jesus as they meet together and for open hearts, as we go on the Heart Journey in Let's talk about Race this term

- For new small groups and new leaders, that we would be able to make room and provide a home for more people who to come to Jesus

Saturday 09 / Reaching Nottingham

- Pray for the launch of Alpha next week, that more people would join the course, meet Jesus and have their lives transformed

- For teams going out on the streets, for the Holy Spirit to equip and empower them, and that people would meet Jesus and be saved

- Pray for those that have given their lives to Jesus on streets, that they would find a church and continue their journey

- That Jesus would give us His compassion for the lost, and pray the Lord of the Harvest to send more workers to the Harvest field

Sunday 10 / UK & The Nations

- Pray that the UK would be a place where we would see God's Kingdom breaking into every area of society; our health service, education, our prisons and beyond

- That as a nation we would be hospitable and welcoming to those who look different from us

- That God would build His church in this nation, and that we would be able to take our place

- For God's Kingdom to come across the nations, that He would build His bride from every nation, tribe, people group and language

Monday 11 / Leaders

- Pray for John and Debby and our leaders at Trent Vineyard, that they would be strengthened and empowered, and that they would continue to lead us with such wisdom and grace

- That our leaders in this nation would lead us with godly wisdom and discernment

- For truth and integrity to become common place in the corridors of power in our nation

- That God would continue to raise up godly leaders, pastors and church planters for such a time as this

Tuesday 12 / Compassion

- Practical Provision: That we receive good quality donations that are fitting with the needs of our clients, and that we continue to have good relationships with our partner charities

- Step Forward Ministries: That God would bring the right tenants/participants towards us. For those in debt to know we are here to support them. Wisdom and discernment for our volunteers and leaders as they serve the community

- Overseas: Wisdom and discernment on how to best support the refugees in our community, and for ongoing work for our Church members that are serving overseas

- Love Christmas: For team, vision and execution to go smoothly

- Volunteers: Across all Trent Compassion ministries there is need for more volunteers as the Lord calls us into this next season. That they would catch the vision, and participate in serving their neighbours across the city

Wednesday 13 / Prayer & Worship

- Pray that as a church we would encounter God's presence in a fresh and powerful way as we worship

- For God to give us a hunger and a thirst for Him again, and that this would spill into our worship privately and corporately

- That we would grow in our desire for holiness and intimacy in worship

- For an anointing on our worship leaders and upon us as we worship and pray

Thursday 14 / Kids & Youth


- Pray for God to be central in all of the activities we run as Trent Kids: Sunday groups – 0s, 1s, 2s, 3s, Jets (aged 4 to foundation), Lift Off (school years 1 and 2), Rockets (school years 3 and 4), Discovery (school years 5 and 6), Comets (5-11s additional needs group), Microgroups, Baby and Toddler Haven, Bumps to Babies, Parenting Courses

- Emotional and spiritual health of the Kids: Pray, post covid, for our kids to develop strong emotional resilience and most of all, for them to develop a deep understanding of how much their heavenly Father loves them. Our over-arching prayer for Trent Kids is for the children to never know a day without Jesus

- Families: Pray for all the families in our church to have a great sense of belonging, and to know they are part of the wider family of God. Pray for parents to be known, have strong marriages and be supported, particularly as they seek to share their faith with their kids

- Team: Thank God for the wonderful Trent Kids team including those who have joined recently. Pray for more team to sign up and catch the vision of Trent Kids, particularly for our worship rotas


- Pray that teenagers would know the hope and strength that they can find in Jesus

- For mental health coming out of the pandemic, we’ve seen a rise in mental health struggles like no other over the past 18 months. Pray that Jesus would bring healing, freedom and peace

- For a boldness in young people already in church to share the gospel with their friends and school mates

- For youth teams and youth workers across this city working to support so many young people, for resilience, wisdom and grace to keep going!

Friday 15 / Students

- Pray for freshers and new students who are living away from home for the first time, that they would start to feel at home in Nottingham

- Mental health has hit this age group hard over the covid pandemic, there has also been an increase in suicide rates among students. Pray for the support and interventions needed for students, and also for healing and peace for those struggling

- Pray that students would not lose faith as they come to Uni, but that those who are Christians would find a church family and thrive in their relationships with Jesus

- For students to find the hope of Jesus while they're at Uni!

- For protection from students from the more damaging aspects of Uni culture - drink and drugs, extreme pressure to succeed, comparison and competition etc.