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Worship is for Jesus, about Jesus and to Jesus.

Worship is for Jesus, about Jesus and to Jesus. It’s the place where we fix our eyes on Him and express our love and thanks to Him. In our experience, it’s also the place where we are most encouraged and most deeply changed, and where we encounter the beauty of His presence. What a wonderful thing it is to sing. Follow the link below to a Spotify playlist, which list songs we are currently singing on a Sunday.

Worship Playlist

Getting involved in worship

If you’re a singer or musician, whose interested in getting involved in worship here at Trent Vineyard, we’d love for you to fill out our getting involved form at trentv.org/worshipform

Vineyard Worship - Trent Vineyard

Over the years many members of our worship community past and present have been involved in songwriting, producing, and playing on songs for a wide variety of Vineyard Worship albums. We have been very blessed to have some amazing opportunities to share these songs with the wider Vineyard family. See below for a discography.


Twelve:One grew in the soil of reflections around Romans 12:1.Dave Miller’s (our worship pastor) debut album Twelve:One was recorded live here Trent Vineyard, in Nottingham, UK in November 2018.

1. Endless Praises
2. King of Love
3. Sovereign God
4. I Give My All
5. God of Freedom
6. Praise The Lord (Victory In His Hands) (Tag)
7. Great Are You Lord (Lifting You Higher)
8. All For You
9. For Your Cause
10. Fill Us Again (Tag)
11. Be Exalted
12. Falling At Your Feet
13. I Am Yours

You Make All Things New

You Make All Things New was produced and recorded in early 2014 in Nottingham and Hull, UK.

1. Glorify
2. Light A Light
3. You Make All Things New
4. Good And Perfect Gift (You Never Change)
5. Honey
6. Lift Me Up
7. Rise Up
8. I Give You My Heart
9. Still Small Voice
10. My Heart Burns
11. Your Ways Are Higher
12. One Desire

The 252 Sessions

The 252 Sessions features six songs performed acoustically and filmed live in the VRUK studio in November 2013.

1. I Will Hold On
2. Unfailing Love
3. Jesus Christ Will Always Be (Hymnal)
4. Still Small Voice
5. Turn It All Down
6. Perfect Sacrifice

Burn Bright

Burn Bright was filmed and recorded on a snowy evening in February 2009 at Trent Vineyard, UK with people gathered from far and wide for a powerful and special night of worship.

1. Perfect Sacrifice (Reprise)
2. Now and Ever
3. Glorious Life
4. Love Divine
5. Radio
6. I Will Hold on
7. Jubilee
8. Burn Bright
9. Walk Humbly
10. Skin and Bones
11. Keep Me Where the Light Is
12. Unfailing Love
13. Perfect Sacrifice
14. Journey Home

Radio Everything EP

Radio Everything, recorded in 2008 at Trent Vineyard, Nottingham.

1. Radio
2. Glorious Life
3. Skin and Bones
4. As I Bow Down
5. Perfect Sacrifice

Unfailing Love

Unfailing Love, Trent’s second studio album, was released in 2006.

1. Unfailing Love
2. God Is With Us
3. The Only One
4. Reason
5. Psalm 13
6. Love Divine
7. Yours Forever
8. Daylight
9. Walk Humbly
10. Someday

Hold On

Hold On was the Trent Band’s first record and was released in 2003.

1. Shine On
2. Sweetest Sound
3. I Will Hold On
4. Be The One
5. Fool
6. Grace
7. King Forever
8. 40
9. Turn It All Down
10. Right Here
11. You Are The Light
12. Journey Home
13. Fall