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Trent Kids are passionate about kids never knowing a day without Jesus. Come and join us online to discover resources and videos to inspire, making God as accessible as possible in this season.

Trent Kids Sundays

Check out our Trent Kids YouTube channel where each Sunday morning we'll be uploading a video message for both the 0-5s and the 5-11s. There are also links to playlists and other kids' ministry channels for you to enjoy. Go to

Trent Kids Updates and Faith in the Home

A weekly email to all the grown-ups is going out packed with ideas for games, crafts and activities to help equip you for faith in the home. If you would like to receive these and are not currently part of our mailing list please contact [email protected]

Trent Kids Live

We really want to stay connected with you through this season and so Microgroups for years 4-6 will be continuing, just from your homes! Your Microgroup leaders will be in touch by WhatsApp, text or Zoom. If you have any enquiries please contact Josh Dillingham at [email protected]


We're committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of kids. If you'd like a copy of our safeguarding policy, please contact [email protected] or for more information visit our Safeguarding page.