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This Christmas we will again be taking part in the national initiative ‘Love Christmas’!

At Trent Compassion we work alongside some of the most vulnerable in our city all year round. As a church we love to be generous, and giving those we work alongside gifts at Christmas lets them know that they are seen and loved, and forms part or our vision of building relationships for the long term.

A short message from Bryony and Meg.

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What do we need?

Thanks you so much to all of you who’ve brought in bags for Love Christmas and gifts - we are nearly there with all the bags being ready to go out!

However, we are really short of gifts for teenagers (especially, but not just, boys) and we want to make sure every young person in temporary housing has a gift this year. No pressure at all but if any of you would like to get something, or have any of the following items at home in new condition, we would happily receive them by Friday if possible.

Suggestions of gifts:
- gift card

- Item of clothing (hat/ hoodie/ t-shirt)

- Toiletries (not for baths)

- Stationery

- A game