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Small Groups

Be Known.

Trent Vineyard is a large church in Nottingham. While you'll meet many people on a Sunday, it’s through joining a small group that people really get to know each other, be known and share life - listening, learning and supporting each other through its ups and downs.

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Watch Andy and Lisa's experiences of becoming known and joining a small group...

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What to expect?

Most small groups have around 6-15 people, meeting in homes and other venues across Nottingham, predominantly on Wednesday and Thursday nights. We have recently introduced a gap week, which means starting from September 2019 small groups won't meet on the first Wednesday or Thursday of the month. 

It’s a place where you can form friendships, share both the good times and the bad, and work out what it means to follow Jesus today. During a typical small group evening, you might worship together, pray for each other and have a time of sharing and teaching. Together, we can serve our communities in creative ways that we couldn’t do on our own.

Students small groups

We love students and want to support and encourage you however we can. Trent Vineyard Students is part of our wider Young Adults' community and we are committed to building friendships, serving others and growing in relationship with Jesus.We have student small groups across the city that meet every week on a Wednesday or Thursday, see below for more information:

Josh, Tim and Micah - Lenton
Ed, Becky, Amaziah and Chloe - University Park Campus

Ken, Ellie and Emma - Lenton
Munya, Hannah and Sophie - City Centre
Katie and Grace - City Centre

Heinz and Amy - Beeston Rylands

For more information email us at students@trentvineyard.org or follow us on social media.

Young Adults small groups

Young Adults is a thriving community for 18-30 somethings. This community is made up of young families, recent graduates, students and everything in-between. Young Adults is a great place to be known, discipled, encouraged and equipped. Check out one of our small groups below:

Ben and Lindsay - West Bridgford
Ann and Steve - West Bridgford
James and Leanne - Bramcote

Julia and Sarah - Lenton (the warehouse)
Sarah, Will and Joy - Lenton
Luke and Juliet - Beeston
Ollie and Rhea - Beeston
Barney, Ali and Georgie - Beeston
Matt and Hannah Buck - Beeston
Phil, Sophia and Dan - Beeston

To find out more about YA events please follow us on social media.

​Specialist care and support

The primary way we offer pastoral care and support is through our small groups. We have a number of specialist groups, courses and contacts available for people with particular issues or vulnerabilities.

You can speak to your small group leader or send us an email to small.groups@trentvineyard.org.

​Find out more about small groups

You can find most of the small groups you can try out on the map.

If you’d like to find out more about joining a group, come visit us at the small groups desk in the Connect area on a Sunday before or after the church service. We have a team on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Alternatively, you can send us an email at small.groups@trentvineyard.org.

Find a small group

All of our small groups are different and we encourage you to find one where you feel you can belong.

Please feel free to contact the small group leader if you’re interested in trying their group or you can find out more at the Connect area on Sundays.

You can use the filter below to search for groups on a particular day of the week.

Small Groups Gap Week

As part of creating a more sustainable church rhythm, the introduction of the monthly small group gap week will begin in September. 

Small Groups - Gap Week - John Bodily

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  • They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

    The book of Acts

  • Small group is just a really fun place to be and make new friends.


  • For me, the community small group provided was a release from the fear of loneliness, but more than that, it opened up deeply fulfilling relationships I cherish to this day.


  • Nobody can walk the path that you walk. Nobody can take away the pain that you face or the difficult times that you might go through. But, they can stand beside you and smooth the path a little bit and they can hold you up when you’re too tired to go on.