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Making Room For More

A Third Service

Our new service times are 09:15, 11:15 and 19:00.

Click here to read our FAQ document, which will hopefully answer questions you may have.

Where we are up to / Sunday 02 June / John Wright

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Vision for A Third Service

On Sunday 28 April (see below link to the talk) John announced that we believe the Lord is prompting us to introduce a second morning service, in response to the Lord continuing to bring more people to us, especially on Sunday mornings.   

On Sunday 12 and 19 May (see below for links to the talks) John shared more on why we believe introducing a third service is the direction that the Lord is leading us in, what it will look like, and hopefully, addressing some of the questions you may have. 

Meet the Need: Sunday serving

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Sun 28 April - The Church God wants to build - John Wright

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Sun 12 May - A Third Service - John Wright

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Sun 19 May - Meet The Need - John Wright

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Trent Life

If you are new to Trent and would like to find out more about what happens here why not pick up physical copy of our new Trent Life magazine on a Sunday or throughout the week at Whitebird Coffee, or download it here..