Worship at Trent Vineyard


Sunday services at 10:30 // 19:00

Morning Service start time
Evening Service start time

Watch this short film to find out more about our Sunday services...

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Parking and arrival

We’re based on a business park with plenty of parking and a team in high-vis jackets to guide you to a space.

To help you settle in from your journey, we offer free coffee, tea, juice and water, as well as a bite to eat.

If you’re looking for something a bit different; a cappuccino, latte or perhaps something more substantial to eat, our café is open from 09:00 to 14:00, 17:30 to 19:00.

What to expect during one of our Sunday services

Our morning and evening church services usually last about an hour and a half. The morning service starts at 10:30 and the evening service at 19:00. We like to keep things simple and informal, so no need to come all suited up, just whatever you feel most comfortable in.

We start with a time of worship for about half an hour followed by a short welcome, news and a break. Then there’s a talk based on the bible and our experiences of following Jesus that’s practical and relevant to everyday life. After the talk, there’s an opportunity to be prayed for.


We aim to make our Sunday church services accessible and inclusive to everyone as well as those with additional needs. The building is easily accessible and we have a number of disabled car parking spaces. Every second and fourth Sunday evening service is fully signed from the right hand side of the stage using British Sign Language.

What happens after our Sunday services

At the end of both church services, you can get another cup of tea or coffee.

After the morning service Café Trent will be open. We'd love you to join us after the evening service from 20:30 to 22:00. The bar will be open where you can grab a drink and enjoy the afterhours’ vibe with music. 


Watch & listen to our Sunday talks

Our talks


Worship is more than music. To us, it’s the act of freely giving our love to God in all that we do and we believe that giving in worship is the key to finding Him at work in our lives. Music is just one of the many ways we worship at Trent Vineyard. During our Sunday services we love to sing songs to God, lifting Him up, giving thanks for all He is and has done in our lives and telling Him how much we love Him.

What we sing is very important to us and that’s why we write and sing our own songs. Over the years, we've recorded a number of albums which you can listen to and buy at Vineyard Records. You can also search over 700 songs written in Vineyard churches from all around the world at vineyardsongs.com including many of ours.

Getting Involved

If you’re new to Trent Vineyard, looking for a small group or want to find out more about our events and courses, we have a Connect area with an information desk and a team on hand to answer any questions you may have.

You can also take a look at the Trent Life magazine to get a flavour of all the areas you can get involved in. Alternatively, you can get in touch during the week via email or give us a call.

Download our Trent Life magazine

Download our latest Sunday Connect sheet

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Trent Kids

We're passionate about all the kids God brings our way. Trent Kids is a fun and exciting place for kids up to school year 6 to learn about Jesus and grow in their relationship with Him whether on a Sunday morning or during the week.

A particular highlight is BiG where all those in school years 1 to 6 gather together for a high energy time of worship, teaching, games and of course, gunging!

If it’s your first Sunday visit to Trent Vineyard, you’ll meet members of the church at the entrance doors and they’ll be happy to show you where to go.

Children can be signed into Trent Kids at 10:15 in the warehouse building and you can get them after the service.

Children with special needs

For children with special needs, we have a group called ‘MAZE’. Every Sunday morning from 10:15, those up to school year 6 meet in the warehouse.

Trent Kids during the week

As well as on a Sunday, we have a few different events throughout the week and during term time for parents with babies and toddlers, and specific events for pre-school children and those in school years 1 to 6.

Check out the events calendar for more information about what's on during the week. 


We're committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children and young people. If you'd like a copy of our safeguarding policy, please contact kids@trentvineyard.org

Trent Youth

Trent Youth is about inspiring a new generation to love God, love others and change the world. It's for anyone in school years 7 to 13 and we meet in the Trent Youth Centre.

We meet on Sunday mornings at 10:15 in the Trent Youth Centre.

Trent Youth during the week

We have a range of different events to get involved in during the week (term-time only). Trent Youth Tuesdays are on every week in the Youth Centre and includes small groups. Alive youth event is on once a month for young people in school year 9 and above and every year we go on a number of residential trips like Dreaming The Impossible, Soul Survivor and the Trent Youth Weekend Away. Trent Youth Sneinton meets every other Friday.

Take a look at our events calendar for more information on what's on for Trent Youth.


We're committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children and young people. If you'd like a copy of our safeguarding policy, please contact youth@trentvineyard.org

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    A bit about the Youth Centre

    The Youth Centre was designed specifically for young people and has a sports hall, café, climbing wall, dance studio and loads of other amazing facilities and equipment. It’s a great place for young people to hang out with their friends.

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    Connect with Trent Youth

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Get a flavour of Dreaming The Impossible

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If you’re a student in Nottingham, we’d love to meet you. We have two Sunday services and you are welcome to come to either, although the majority of our students do attend in the evening. Members of the team are always around to welcome and get to know you.

Joining in

Students are part of the wider Young Adults’ community here at Trent but we also recognise that the period of being a student is unique in many ways. And so we are committed to supporting one another, building loving friendships and serving those around us, while being passionate about getting to know Jesus better. The student phase of life has huge potential for making a difference and we want to help, support and encourage this however we can.

There’s so much to get involved in, but the best way to get properly stuck in is to join one of our student small groups! We meet weekly in houses or on campus, and centrally as a community throughout the term. We can’t recommend our student small groups enough, so check them out, and find out more here

 Connect with Trent Vineyard Students

Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram or send us an email to students@trentvineyard.org

Watch our video to get an idea of what Trent Vineyard Students is all about...

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Young Adults

We have a thriving community of Young Adults here at Trent. Whether you’re a student, young professional, on a gap year, or doing something entirely different, then this is a great place for you to connect. We are excited about this generation and all that God can do with, in, and through us. Young Adults is a great place to be known, be mentored, be encouraged and equipped.

There’s always something to get stuck in to; from small groups, to worship gatherings, socials, after-hours and Sundays. We hope to see our Young Adults growing in friendship with each other, and in relationship with God.

To find out more, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or get in touch via email.