Changing Lives - 01

Changing Lives

God transforms lives...

Over the years we've had the privilege of witnessing first hand the changes that happen in people when they start a journey with Jesus and pursue a life lived for Him.

Here are just a few of the many stories of lives transformed by Jesus here at Trent Vineyard. These are stories of hearts that have been restored, relationships that have been reconciled, and chains of addiction that have been broken. God really does change lives.

We hope that these personal stories will move you as much as they have moved us and that you'll be inspired to find out more.

John & Debby Wright
Senior Pastors, Trent Vineyard

Natalie Scarlett

“I feel secure in the knowledge that no matter what diffculties I may face, I can overcome them through God’s unconditional love and grace I’ve seen at work in my life.”

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Andy and Catrina Kennedy

“God has helped my marriage so much that it’s now burning brightly.”

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“Meeting Jesus has changed my life. Old friends have even come up to me asking “What’s happened?” because they think I look so much more alive!”

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James Lainchbury

”At that moment, there was nothing in the world that mattered more than standing in that church and listening to that song.”

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James' story

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Vicky O'Brien

“God couldn’t have answered my prayers more clearly”

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Ken Sithole

“I knew carrying on that road would never really heal anything but just mask it.”

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Jayne Astill

“Through my new relationship with Jesus, I was able to forgive”

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Mark Astill

“As I spent more and more time at church, I started to feel the hole in my life shrinking and the self-doubt evaporating.”

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Andrew Mooney

“I feel much more content and peaceful than I did a year ago knowing that my life is in God’s hands.”

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Andrew's story

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